Saturday, June 16, 2007


They said, it'll start a week early this year. 24th, to be precise. i was not here, but i knew from my parents who were here that it rained on 24th in kerala, where monsoon starts. then, it was all very hot and sunny. Days after the prediction, they said that monsoon will get delayed by another week. it rained with a vengeance the next day....

Monsoon in kerala is something which everyone should experience. i dunno how it ll b for the visitors n tourists who roam around only in cars and other private transport. but for rest of us in kerala during monsoon, it is an exciting time. water splashing on the ground, with a threat of drenching us who are out on the road. ppl walking around without being sure of where the manhole is n when they are going to fall in. vehicles negotiating the depths of the puddles on the road, whining as if their axles were about to break. at times, umbrellas turn useless. and we often regret getting out on the road, only after reaching back in the safety of roofs over our heads and walls with closed windows around us.

For those for whom rain is an annual phenomenon, a shift to kerala is necessary to prove to themselves that rain could very much be a part of their lives. switch on any malayalam channel, and you can see colourful advertisements of a zillion different umbrella companies selling their zi-zillion different varieties of umbrellas. we have, other than the traditional no fold umbrellas with a curved handles back in fashion, and the comfy 2 and three fold umbrellas all released under fancy names, umbrellas which are hi-tech, atleast in their names. they have their names- atom, laser, etc.

Right now, at 3 p.m., the sky is overcast and forecasts heavy rain and thunder in the, i've to log off before thunder starts. so far, so many of my dial up modems that i earlier used to have, have been lost to thunder. also, we nearly lost a tv. but then, when it rains, who can complain? rain is what made kerala what it is. green. and lovely.