Sunday, October 29, 2006

hectic schedule's real fun....

resonance 2006 is round the corner, n all of us arnd r havin hectic days, filled wid tension n tiredness. but i feel it's jus fun. commenting to each other about someone else's incompetence (god knows how many r doin the same abt me!!!!), sharin the unexpected words tht came out of others' mouth... n no time to sit idle, at all!!!! this is wat i call fun, except 4 the fact tht i cant sleep as i used to, earlier. but don't worry, ll get good of it later.

being busy is perhaps the greatest gift for someone my age. one should be busy always- busy writing assignments (they all come together, always), busy driving, busy chatting, busy blogging, busy flirting..... u always gotta be busy, man... n then u won't ever feel the burden. u ll never feel u r lazy, n so no guilt at all!!!!!!

right now, i m busy wid some other stuff (orkutting, n RESONAting at the same time), so good bye...

Friday, October 27, 2006

Vibrating at nearly RESONAting frequency!!!!!

I joined my college nearly 2 years ago. It was a September 29th. My previous experience wid engineering college was thru my chechi who studied at CET from 1997-2001. When I came here, I was just another fresher. Now I'm jus another 3rd year student. But I'm 2 resonances old, goin on to be 3. When I was in 1st yr, i was a volunteer in project contest committee. In 2nd year, I was in Organising Committee as an executive volunteer, thanx to chettanmar like Jayadev n Mathaiachan. It was fun, jus running around from seminar hall to the enormous exhibition hall and back, tracking the live cable feed of events taking place at Seminar Hall, that was shown in Exhibition realtime thru CC TV, for the first time in our college for years perhaps. that was fun.

RESONANCE 06 is round the corner. Nov 1,2,3. We are already running around, taking pain to keep up pace. it's definitely gonna be fun, my name being in 4 different committees. so hectic days ahead, n i'm havin an improvement exam for my C paper of 3rd sem morrow, so gotta go n study.
27th October- 5 p.m.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

So i'm back

i was here in may, but had to stop it sometime later.... a lot many things happened, in the world, in my college and in my life. changes keep on happening in the world. even change changes. sometimes it may be for the better, at other times for worse. sometimes it may be for good, at times only for a while. Muhammed Younus won the Nobel Prize 'coz he changed the lives of many. Pol pot is hated 'coz he changed the lives of many. that's change- that whose good and bad is separated by a very subtle boundary that is almost invisible to human mind and perception. i salute change....