Saturday, December 30, 2006

got together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

saddam hussein was executed today morning 6 am local time on the banks of tigris. so an era, a chapter has come to an end... an era of hope for some, horror for many. of dreams for some, nightmares for many. positive for some, negative for many. right for some, wrong for many. yet, because he was executed, we had some trouble. it's all this way...

even before classmates were released, our batch at school have been having get togethers and reunions every year since we passed out of school in 2004. in 2004 it was in september, the day before onam. in 2005 also, it was during onam vacations. in 2006, we had got together once in september, most of us, for our classmate Gopika's marriage. an idea of a regular get together sprang up some time in december, in between exam fevers for many of my batchmates who were studying for B.Tech in Kerala University. they got time to think of the reunion when their exams were postponed to january. so after a lot of deliberations, thoughts, phone calls n smses, it was decided that our get together would b at Sindhoor, Vazhuthakkad at 11 a.m. on 30th sept 2006. but ratheesh n i went there yesterday (29th) n were informed that they, at the hotel, cudn't keep up their word of arranging buffet and giving us the hall exclusively. so we dropped the plan to keep it there.

after considering various other options such as the newly opened CCD (abt that later), museum n our old school itself, park rajdhani was suggested to us by Pushpa teacher, a ready reckoner to all city hotels.... ;-) at 112, the buffet was well priced, n we cud eat as much as we wanted to.

on 30th morning, it came to b known that abhi, who arranged the get together in the first place (not giving him a compliment- he made most of the calls, n that's what i mean) wudn't b wid us, as he was down wid fever (not quite, i jus saw him at my place. he seemed fine to me).

12 noon. Hotel Park Rajdhani (I dunno wat actually happened. i'm just guessing.) many young guys n girls crowd the gate of park rajdhani, much to the discomfort of the security guard. one of them surya calls me n asks where i am, n that no one at hotel knos anything abt any gettogether.

12 noon. A KSRTC City Fast bus that has just stopped at Pongummud. I answer the call, n reassure surya that it's all fine, n am on my way. bus just starts, n padmanabhan calls me. i tell him i'm in bus at pongummud n tht i ll b there in a coupla minutes.

12:05 p.m. Park Rajdhani- i'm there, so everything's solved. (he he, jus joking...) we around 15 of us are there, waiting for others to come. one by one, ppl start arriving in more numbers. sherine came on her 1000 cc hayabusa, n arun came in his renault wid ratheesh, anup n ajin. everyone did ask abt abhi. chris came, tincy was dropped at the hotel (no, not from a helicopter).

by 12.30, many of us had come, n we were collecting money for buffet token. 24 tokens were taken at first, n we made our way up. many others also started coming... chumma chatted, sugarbeaten n had food. was just fun... but there was a problem. bcoz saddam was executed, a harthal was announced by cpi(m) n followed up by other parties, opposing and others.

harthal in kerala is another thing. abt it, mayb another day.

so we finished it up, said bubbye, n in the hope that we wud meet next year also, may b on the last saturday on 2007, v dispersed in groups, our minds still roaming around in the gettogether mood. we are all still together, ll never drift apart...

till i feel like blogging again ...

Sunday, December 17, 2006

the principle of inertia (also called LAZINESS); n the AWEmode of mind

newton said that any body continues to be in its own state till some other thing disturbs it.... n using that ppl defined the term INERTIA, the inability of anything to do anything by itself. it's right... i am feeling enormously lazy to do anything at all.... but by newton, a moving body wud move, a body at rest ll continue to do so. but all i want to do is NOTHING. yes it is, i want to do nothing now. jus stay at rest. even if i am doing something (like studying that takes place the day, sorry, the night before exams. i understand the need to study, but i don't want to. but i finally end up studying. see, i am lazy even to the extend of making me do something i want to).

understood some of it? i don't think so. now that i read for the second time, i too don't understand much. it's that endless n spontaneous flow of words that u can c for most of the time on my blog. or else it could be the awe i feel for something or someone. jus like, i went to sivasamudram nr mysore a coupla weeks ago on my college tour. it is jus wonderful a waterfall... nature at near its best... i stood in awe, at the sight of seeing water drop from a distance (well, a slight exaggeration, i agree. i liked hogganekkel better, where i was in the middle of the waterfalls but here i was just beside. but it doesn't matter. i was kinda awed by the sight.) the architecture of ancient ppl at somnathapuram n new people at Balikuppe (tibetan village) also awed me during the same trip, so i believe i was in the AWE Mode of mind. sometimes it's like that- u fall into awe mode that everything u c, however small it may be, u c the best in them n u naturally feel awed.

the awe mode is initiated by something that's way better than what u expected. in sivasamudram's case, i hadn't expected anything. i knew it won't be as good as hogganekkal, since there was no boating there. so wen i saw the falls from a distance, i felt awe. it was awesome, the sight from far away n the hopping on the rocks to take myself near there, near the water. my only regret is that i didn't bath there. i honestly don't feel like stripping myself n taking a bath (not literally, most of my classmates were in their full dress while wetting themselves n whetting their appetite for endless fun) in a group of say, 30 ppl. 5 or 6, n all of them into water, it's ok...

awe mode quickly goes away. n sometime later, u only remember in vague the incident or place that switched u to awe mode. u remember u awed at it, but don't remember the details. photographs help u remember it to an extend. but reliving the same awe is rare. i've felt that way only at beaches- Kovalam n Varkala, near my home and at THE TAJ. the ultimate taj. the greatest gift that the royalty cud build, not thinking of the way the laymen were living. how much irresponsible the kings might ve been, i feel awe everytime i see the Taj (twice, i've seen it directly n more, thru photos.)

so lets stop. thoughts r becoming slower. words r even slower. so good bye!!!!!! till i feel like blogging again...

wat i forgot abt......

There have been a lot of blogs that i posted here n somehow forgot.... i list those here.

My First Blog: i made only one post here....

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Well something about me...
Hi everyone...I am Sreejith. I like to be called Jithu. I am from Kerala, the southern corner of India. It's just now that I'm 17, but i do have plans to grow older(i can't help it) I am just the fun-loving type of guy u want to meet. Write to me, so i can get to know ya all... I completed my school and waiting for admissions to College, and I'm going for Engineering. so wait for a while while I return being an engineer. i'll keep posting so don't forget to check back...Now I'm simply sitting at home or learning to drive. sitting at home, i see movies- hollywood, bollywood and our own Malayalam movies. ask me about those, i have a lot to write. I also read- this time only English and Malayalam, not much of Hindi. So that's me, Sreejith.Sreejith's Place On Net Wednesday, May 25, 2005
The Beginning...

This is the next!!!!!!!!!

Hi everyone...

me Sreejith P., a 18 year old, telling everyone everything that's in my mind... me from India, from the southern part of it in Kerala wr 3 yr olds r brought up speaking only u know... english!!! don't take me wrong: i know perfect malayalam, my mother tongue... at the same time, me proud of my english as well! i was born and brought up at the capital of Kerala, called Trivandrum. rt now, i'm taking my B.Tech (Electrical and Electronics Engg) at Thrissur.

This is the second set of blogposts that i created, so far the longest. but then i forgot all abt it!!!!!!!!!! i hope the same won't happen to this one as well... it's highly unlikely, now that i've broadband net at home!

Saturday, May 20, 2006
hi again
i feel like bloggin but not in a mood to get online now. so i ll blog now (4:14 pm on 19th May) and post the blog later when i get online. without broadband, that's anyway more economical. so for arnd past one week, i ve been lazing around. as i said earlier, i reached back on sunday. i was alone all monday. tuesday, i had planned to go to sony's (my classmate) place but my schoolmates- ajeesh, anup, abhi and jibu (who was also once my neighbour) dropped in to talk abt e-biz. it's interestin, but i dont think i cn ask achhan abt it. i am not sure how to ask. so let the matter drop for now. wednesday, i went to sony's place. her grandmother had made delicious and spicy fish curry to be had with kappa (boiled and mashed tapioca). i had a fill. then we went to her sister's school to pick her up. then they left to buy bangles for sony to wear for her hostelmate's wedding. i came back home.
yesterday also, i was alone, with my books (control system textbook, mechanical engg lab record and Robin Cook's Seizure.). in the evening, i called up pushpa teacher, havin heard that she's yet again returned to my old school, this time as vice principal. she ws busy at the time, and called me back at arnd 9.50 and we talked till 11!!!!
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Monday, May 15, 2006
back home....

i am back home at Trivandrum. i reached here at around 11.00 a.m. in a KPN Volvo Airbus that came via Madurai, Nagarcoil. the road is mostly free and excellent, but there are a few very bad patches. But being volvo, there was no probs at all. However, the ac got some trouble and we lost nearly one hour at Salem, waiting for someone to repair it. Now, i am at home, achhan and amma have gone to their office. i may go to Vacation Library sometime now.

will write in detail later (now i am on a broadband, going billed time-wise so jus can't sit, think and blog.)
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Monday, May 08, 2006
Bangalore Times....

when did i blog last? on saturday morning. now it's already monday afternoon n i was very very busy during the weekend! saturday, we had lunch at Kamath Bugle Rock, a smashin north Karnataka restaurant near bull temple and bugle rock. there was jowar roti, sweet holige, mulaku bajji (chilli covered in dough and fried), rice, etc. it was very filling! after that, we walked around a bit in the park behind the bull temple that has the Bugle Rock that was one of the limits of the city during Tipu Sultan's period. the park is so green and well maintained.

after that, we went to the more local and open markets of bangalore city, those near avenue road and KG road. had a good bargain regrding my textbooks to be bought second hand at avenue road. the gulf bazaars, that sell goods brought in from the middle east, are also doing great business in this metro.

sunday also, began late for us. had our breakfast from Annakuteera opposite the Big Bazaar at BSK, barely 10 minutes walk from home. then we went around the various factory outlets along the ring road near kamakhya, again within walking distance. after all that, we went to garuda mall near mg road. we haunted shoppers' stop and westside mainly. we had our late lunch at the foodcourt at the mall, from subway. then we went to iim, where my aunt [achhan's (my dad's) sister] is working and staying. she's staying at the institute quarters. the drive was short. bannerughatta road is getting better and better. i remember coming here even 4 years ago, when the area was largely slum and there were a few highrise apartments coming up and a lot of buffaloes. now there are only residential highrises, mnc's, air conditioned shopping centers and luxury sedans all along the road. the change has been tremendous.

at our aunt's place were her son, his wife, her parents and brother, and my paternal grandmother (achhamma, or achhan's amma). sitting there, i saw schumi win the german grand prix and was made to sing a song.

achhamma and i sat and talked for a long time. i see her very often these days. she was talking of her grand children (i am one of them) and what she wants to see in all of us. it was around 8.30 pm when we reached back home. we had dinner and as i was feeling very sleepy, i went and slept. chechi and ettan were in front of the tv, watching titanic the movie.

and today, all morning, chechi was here. she was doing some work and i was surfing the tv. we went out to big bazaar, bought some stuff for home, had lunch at the food court over there (alu paratha and paneer parathas) and came back. chechi left at around 1.30 pm to office. she's got a meeting but ll be back by 6 or 7 in the evening, i believe. now i m going back to watch tv.

it's 2.30 pm IST
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Friday, May 05, 2006
it's weekend!!!! yday night, chechi, my bro-in-law (whom i call ettan) and myself went to Shangri La, a chinese-thai restaurant on brigade road. it ws delicious food, so delicious that i slept till 10 in the morning today and all of us ve been lazing arnd tht it's already 11.45 am and v havent planned wr to go for saturday brunch!!!!
so wishing myself happy eating....
signing off.
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me again

i posted my last message at around 11 in the morning, of 5th may, IST. after that i went to crossword, a big bookshop at Residency Rd, bangalore. sat there reading. then v (chechi n i) went to the cafe coffee day outlet in there, had cold sparkle, coffee with coconut (coconut's just great- especially wid me comin frm kerala, where everything has coconut in it). then went back to crossword, n i read some stories by franz kafka. no wonder there r so many fans for him- his works r jus deep! i want to read somemore in detail to assess him properly, though. after that we left n stopped at Jayanagar for normal window shopping- no big malls. just walking by the road in front of shops that bulge onto the pavements. traffic was ok today, at least the offpeak time during which v were on the road. v reached back at around 4.45 pm and now it's 5:30 pm and comedy time on many of the malayalam (my mother tongue) channels when they show comedy clippings from movies. about malayalam movies- another of my favorites- i ll write later.

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Thursday, May 04, 2006
so finally i'm bloggin...
i'm now at bangalore, the it capital of india and next week i may be at trivandrum, the capital of god's own country kerala and after that at thrissur, where i am an engineering student. so life goes on at all these places and many more that i visit sooooooooo often...

i ve been at bangalore for the last two days, with my sister who is working as a retail analyst with one of the big british retailers. i often go out for a drive. it's just a great experience, a drive thru this city- so disorderly, so confusing and so dusty. i spent time on the pc and bang! this idea comes up- why dont i blog? and here am i,blogging away...

now... i tell u- i wont b at bangalore all the time. i did my schooling at Trivandrum, a not so metro a city. my parents r still there, so r most of my school mates. so i go there for almost all vacations n long weekends. i occasionally come over here, but i spend most of my time at thrissur, a town in central Kerala, often called its CULTURAL CAPITAL, where i'm doing my in electrical and electronics engineering. nothing so serious n studious. with studies, u jus get on...

today, chechi (sister) n i are plannin to go to some place on residency road, so ll b enjoyin the drive... well life's like that- u browse, u drive, u c movies, u eat, u drink... all until the college reopens. then again, u browse, u drive, u c movies, u eat, u drink....

so tafn
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