Thursday, May 28, 2009


i come into consciousness everyday at 6. i kept wondering y for many days y i kept on waking up then. all of a sudden it hit me (Not exactly hit, jus grazed past me) that it ws my roomie's alarm that woke me up! anyways, i go back to sleep almost instantly after that, to be waken up by my alarm at 7. i snooze once, and then wake up by 7.05.

in between getting ready, i get online, check mails, read headlines. then have breakfast from mess and leave by 8.10-15. and after crossing a t-junction clogged by a flyover under construction, i reach IIT Hostel bus stop on Africa Avenue and board the 8.25 blueline bus no. 615.

and then, once that reaches Indian Oil Bhavan bus stop on the Janpath, I get down, all my senses numbed. sun-screen lotion on face, sun-glasses on eyes, HitFM roaring in my ears and often sipping a coke, i walk the Indira Chowk, cross Kasturba Gandhi Marg and reach Barakhamba road. i'm doing my summer internship in one of the thousands of offices in one of the dozens of huge buildings there. then it will be around 9.15.

don't force me to say what i'll be doing till 18.30. then i cross the Barakhamba road, walk the connaught lane and reach Kasturba Gandhi road bus stop from where i get the return 615. by 7.30, invariably, i'm at hostel. then what? nothing much. life goes on.