Sunday, August 09, 2009

as the swine flew...

i know, and accept, that the title has been inspired by a very very pj... the one where one lady says "oh! this bird flu!" and another replies, "Oh! don't most of them fly!"

anyways, as my classmate says, most of those diseases abt which we used to hear, when we wr back home, are getting closer to us now that v are in delhi! the dengue, chikun guniya, malaria, the swine flu. btech and mtech students over here have exchange programmes and it's arnd this time that they return from their internships abroad, from hongkong, singapore, Europe and the US. and two of my collegemates have been diagnosed with the swine flu, leading to some extraordinary actions being taken in the insti.

it includes a directive by the director with instructions including a ban on hugging and kissing socially. socially? so u can do it personally? wow! tat wud b cool, had i had someone to do it wid. jus joking!

yet another part of the directive wants the students to eat only the healthy and nutritious hostel food. have been searching for it since the directive has been put up, and am really hungry now!

another notice put up near the hostel water cooler proclaims the ban on using drinking water for other purposes, in order to prevent swine flu from spreading. now, tat's interesting. hw does washing your face with drinking water help in spreading swine flu? mus ve some reason to it, this insti is known for its logic. but this one totally escapes my brains!

enough said, but am really scared. scared to cough. scared to sneeze. n scared of being infected by h1n1. hope it bypasses me!

p.s.: Overheard in the mess: "X came from Shanghai. Hope he doesn't have the flu."
"Naa! He returned from china, yaar. the viruses have a low quality there!"