Sunday, June 28, 2009

awaiting the monsoon

i wake up. it's raining. the view outside the window is lit by sodium vapour lamps. the laptop's still playing pink floyd. i reach up and shut it down. i look outside the window of my room in delhi. i can see the rain, hear the rain falling on the leaves. the trees lining the avenue cast long shadows in the yellow light. across the trees i can see the b and d blocks of- wait! am I back in GEC thrissur?

i open my eyes to realize that i'm lying in that usual pool of sweat in my room in delhi. gosh! i dream of rain now! outside the window, during daytime, i can see the wall of the campus and houses beyond that. it's pitch dark now. the fan makes a lotta noise to prove that it's working. honestly, it's a lot better with the fan than without.

monsoon's on its way, proclaims the newspaper. 10 days, 1 week, midweek, 2 days... phew... i'm tired of waiting for the monsoon. and i hope, it will be a good heavy one when it comes. India's planning to start cloud-seeding next year onwards, so hope it won't be this long a wait for the rain then.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ideal Indian Movie

There's a ban on smoking and drinking on screen. Now, Mr. Azad, according to today's newspaper reports, wants to ban rape, murder and dacoity on screen. Soon, there will be a list of things that movies can't have, such as:
  • Shouting
  • Abusing
  • Kidnapping
  • Money laundering
  • Bhaiyya cheating bhaiyya (a recurring theme in hindi movies of a certain age)
  • Gender discrimination (like calling "oye chokri" and "launde!")
  • Bar dances and item numbers
  • Seduction
  • Love before marriage
  • Children disobeying parents (it sets a bad impression on the upcoming generation, man!)
  • Eloping
  • Mobile phones (since they are banned in schools, they should also be banned in movies).
It should show:
  • a hardworking hero, either a doctor, a lawyer, a CA, an engineer or a business consultant;
  • a heroine, who does pooja every day in the morning and in the evening, or spends a lot of time reading the Quran or visiting Harmandir Sahib every other shot;
  • a heroine's elder brother smarter than the hero, who calmly advices (or gives a presentation) to the hero on why the hero shouldn't keep following the heroine;
  • the hero and the heroine decides not to meet each other until parents agree to their meeting (already came up in a coupla movies, but this has to be a routine, man. it's time to cultivate behaviour through movies!); and
  • finally the parents of hero and heroine agrees to their marriage. Any pregnancy later on should be attributed to birds or bees.
Oh wow! then it would appear like a perfect family movie, Karan Johar style sans the gay overtones of course... And in the beginning, as a forward, there should be a scene shot, maybe, in heaven, in which the parents of the hero and the heroine would have decided that they are made for each other. and no more "Let's go party tonight!"

it would be better for govt of India itself to write the script for, direct and release all movies by iteslf. i mean, there's got to be a limit! this is going to be termed "propaganda" or "mass media infiltration" soon. I'm not sure where all this will lead to.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

beginning of masochism?

after hovering at around 45 degrees for the last three days, Delhi has almost succeeded in convincing me that i've got used to it, n will get to enjoy this soon. in a short while, i'll start enjoying burning myself, cutting off my limbs, crushing my feet and so on!

i don't consider that a great achievement of mine, but the thought just turned up in my mind as i walked back from lunch today. and since twitter is blocked in office, i had to make this post on blogger! i know this is too short a blogpost, but i can't help it...