Sunday, March 04, 2007

thanx, calicut university

our s5 exams, december 2006 were scheduled to begin on 23rd feb. that unholy theory crap of analog n digital communications! it's one thing for a university to have 12 month long exam season, n it's even great to have university exams rescheduled because of its overlapping date wid University Youth Fest. well, exam shudn't b on the same day as uth fest, i agree, but they shud ve scheduled like that! then, the day before, adc exam got postponed unceremoniously. since v had received news a day in advance, we started slacking.

then, the next exam of mex ( we are eee's) was also postponed. then came two of our exams. in both, the infamous university played their naughty tricks! then, the day before our Power System exams, we came to kno tht that and the next exam has been postponed to a later date!!!! so our exam that was supposed to happen in Dec 2006 and began in Feb 2007, will end only in April, mostly between the heat of World Cup! i hate the 12 month long exam season!!!!!

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cool..I can finally comment on your blog. I pity you for the pathetic situation you are in...:(