Thursday, November 15, 2007


i hope you get me... the d-day is on 18th of november, when i and some other 200,000 odd ppl flock to various schools and colleges to sit in front of question papers that come from some of the best b-schools of the world in one of the toughest examinations... and the toughest is even tougher.

i've been writing a journal (not an online one, tho...) for the last six years but ve always been unable to record my thoughts at situations like this... the first chance to fulfill one of my dreams is on this sunday, and right now, a thought struck me: what abt the match??? lemme check out... INDIA WINS THE SERIES!!!!!!!!!!! ho... this is what always happens! not just cricket. there ll be some other stuff to distract me from the actual seriousness of the day!

so left cat??? nopes!

(let me sign off n decide which product category had the greatest percentage increase of profit in the period 1999- 2003!) ;)

so goodnight!!!

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