Wednesday, August 06, 2008

change: is it really refreshing?

i'm shifting from capital to capital. i was born in the capital of kerala, my fav vacation spots these last years have been the capitals of kerala's neighbouring states and i did my college at the cultural capital of kerala. now, i'm at the national capital of India- Delhi. and am learning all about different types of capitals n how to use them, among other stuff. yo. am doing an mba. i didn't dare to think beyond iims, but i had to! so am here in delhi, doing my mba.

truly, after the cat debacle, and also the interviews n gd's that i attended, i never expected me to join for an mba this year. but fate had other plans for me. it didn't want to give me any rest or leisure, so here am i, after having cleared the waitlists of a good b-school, and toiling at a place far different from what i had thought of even in the wildest of my dreams. n i dream a lot.

it's not just the cultural shock that leaves me bedazzled- it is a shock from every side. if i tell you the name of the institute wr i'm studyin and that it sucks, u ll say that i'm the first person to say so! but here, nothing is different from other colleges. there is a huge shortage of hostel rooms. there are water problems. n to add to it, it's hot, n at least, it's hotter than trivandrum under similar levels of humidity. gosh! sometimes i feel sooooo tired!

leave the cribbing part now. though i do crib, i grow tired of cribbing, as fast as others do of listenin to me doin tat. it's an entirely new experience, be in a place where ppl who don't know your place, your language or ur way of life, are in a majority. there is no problem, in fact. n it's not strange or unexpected. what else can a mallu except in delhi? food, though i'm no stranger to the northie stuff, has become almost too monotonous now. i miss those "going-out for dinner" evenings that we used to have at thrissur. here, you don't ve time or inclination to go out. outside is like a far away place, at least now, n i hope it changes. i just don't know how i'll survive just on hostel food!

i know this blog reads like the manifestation of a chaotic mind, n that's exactly what my mind is, rt now. chaotic. they ve allotted me a room that stinks, n i need to find some way to change it!

so till i blog next time....

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Anonymous said...

ya, we will always miss the gec life.

-Nikhil N (ormayundo?)