Sunday, December 17, 2006

the principle of inertia (also called LAZINESS); n the AWEmode of mind

newton said that any body continues to be in its own state till some other thing disturbs it.... n using that ppl defined the term INERTIA, the inability of anything to do anything by itself. it's right... i am feeling enormously lazy to do anything at all.... but by newton, a moving body wud move, a body at rest ll continue to do so. but all i want to do is NOTHING. yes it is, i want to do nothing now. jus stay at rest. even if i am doing something (like studying that takes place the day, sorry, the night before exams. i understand the need to study, but i don't want to. but i finally end up studying. see, i am lazy even to the extend of making me do something i want to).

understood some of it? i don't think so. now that i read for the second time, i too don't understand much. it's that endless n spontaneous flow of words that u can c for most of the time on my blog. or else it could be the awe i feel for something or someone. jus like, i went to sivasamudram nr mysore a coupla weeks ago on my college tour. it is jus wonderful a waterfall... nature at near its best... i stood in awe, at the sight of seeing water drop from a distance (well, a slight exaggeration, i agree. i liked hogganekkel better, where i was in the middle of the waterfalls but here i was just beside. but it doesn't matter. i was kinda awed by the sight.) the architecture of ancient ppl at somnathapuram n new people at Balikuppe (tibetan village) also awed me during the same trip, so i believe i was in the AWE Mode of mind. sometimes it's like that- u fall into awe mode that everything u c, however small it may be, u c the best in them n u naturally feel awed.

the awe mode is initiated by something that's way better than what u expected. in sivasamudram's case, i hadn't expected anything. i knew it won't be as good as hogganekkal, since there was no boating there. so wen i saw the falls from a distance, i felt awe. it was awesome, the sight from far away n the hopping on the rocks to take myself near there, near the water. my only regret is that i didn't bath there. i honestly don't feel like stripping myself n taking a bath (not literally, most of my classmates were in their full dress while wetting themselves n whetting their appetite for endless fun) in a group of say, 30 ppl. 5 or 6, n all of them into water, it's ok...

awe mode quickly goes away. n sometime later, u only remember in vague the incident or place that switched u to awe mode. u remember u awed at it, but don't remember the details. photographs help u remember it to an extend. but reliving the same awe is rare. i've felt that way only at beaches- Kovalam n Varkala, near my home and at THE TAJ. the ultimate taj. the greatest gift that the royalty cud build, not thinking of the way the laymen were living. how much irresponsible the kings might ve been, i feel awe everytime i see the Taj (twice, i've seen it directly n more, thru photos.)

so lets stop. thoughts r becoming slower. words r even slower. so good bye!!!!!! till i feel like blogging again...

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