Saturday, December 30, 2006

got together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

saddam hussein was executed today morning 6 am local time on the banks of tigris. so an era, a chapter has come to an end... an era of hope for some, horror for many. of dreams for some, nightmares for many. positive for some, negative for many. right for some, wrong for many. yet, because he was executed, we had some trouble. it's all this way...

even before classmates were released, our batch at school have been having get togethers and reunions every year since we passed out of school in 2004. in 2004 it was in september, the day before onam. in 2005 also, it was during onam vacations. in 2006, we had got together once in september, most of us, for our classmate Gopika's marriage. an idea of a regular get together sprang up some time in december, in between exam fevers for many of my batchmates who were studying for B.Tech in Kerala University. they got time to think of the reunion when their exams were postponed to january. so after a lot of deliberations, thoughts, phone calls n smses, it was decided that our get together would b at Sindhoor, Vazhuthakkad at 11 a.m. on 30th sept 2006. but ratheesh n i went there yesterday (29th) n were informed that they, at the hotel, cudn't keep up their word of arranging buffet and giving us the hall exclusively. so we dropped the plan to keep it there.

after considering various other options such as the newly opened CCD (abt that later), museum n our old school itself, park rajdhani was suggested to us by Pushpa teacher, a ready reckoner to all city hotels.... ;-) at 112, the buffet was well priced, n we cud eat as much as we wanted to.

on 30th morning, it came to b known that abhi, who arranged the get together in the first place (not giving him a compliment- he made most of the calls, n that's what i mean) wudn't b wid us, as he was down wid fever (not quite, i jus saw him at my place. he seemed fine to me).

12 noon. Hotel Park Rajdhani (I dunno wat actually happened. i'm just guessing.) many young guys n girls crowd the gate of park rajdhani, much to the discomfort of the security guard. one of them surya calls me n asks where i am, n that no one at hotel knos anything abt any gettogether.

12 noon. A KSRTC City Fast bus that has just stopped at Pongummud. I answer the call, n reassure surya that it's all fine, n am on my way. bus just starts, n padmanabhan calls me. i tell him i'm in bus at pongummud n tht i ll b there in a coupla minutes.

12:05 p.m. Park Rajdhani- i'm there, so everything's solved. (he he, jus joking...) we around 15 of us are there, waiting for others to come. one by one, ppl start arriving in more numbers. sherine came on her 1000 cc hayabusa, n arun came in his renault wid ratheesh, anup n ajin. everyone did ask abt abhi. chris came, tincy was dropped at the hotel (no, not from a helicopter).

by 12.30, many of us had come, n we were collecting money for buffet token. 24 tokens were taken at first, n we made our way up. many others also started coming... chumma chatted, sugarbeaten n had food. was just fun... but there was a problem. bcoz saddam was executed, a harthal was announced by cpi(m) n followed up by other parties, opposing and others.

harthal in kerala is another thing. abt it, mayb another day.

so we finished it up, said bubbye, n in the hope that we wud meet next year also, may b on the last saturday on 2007, v dispersed in groups, our minds still roaming around in the gettogether mood. we are all still together, ll never drift apart...

till i feel like blogging again ...

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enveek said...

Thank god's over.(I mean the blog on the get to gether)