Sunday, April 19, 2009

summer's burning thoughts

the heat is back. delhi is back to burning hot, and yes, i know, this is just the beginning. it can get only worse, and i'm happily stuck somewhere around for at least next two months! my internship might require me to visit remote parts of central UP, which was out of even my remotest dreams. well, things happening these days have been out of my remotest fantasies, so am not actually surprised.

this might look like a random entry written out of nowhere, and it is, indeed, one of those. i couldn't just stand the thought that i hadn't blogged for this long, so thought something is better than nothing. i don't want any comments on this one thought.

the semester is coming to an end, leaving me halfway thru my mba with one more year to go. every1's busy doing termpapers for 6 different subjects. they are supposed to be actual industry examples and cases, but anyone can suppose anything. suppose it is snowing outside. even that.

i miss winter, as i was sure i would. home is a distant prospect, the way things are going. and there is no internet in the hostel these last few days, after ppl tried out tv on LAN. thanx, guys, tech-experimenters. now am sitting in my department, ac is making a lot of noise, and am sweating. got to drink lotsa water, but there's a water shortage! i'm just loving it, n thank circumstances for givin me a chance to experience these while i'm ready to take them up. more challenges? send them to me, i'm ready for all of them! i guess that's the best thing wen u r 22. u r ready for (almost) everythin!

i guess i've done justice to my great urge to blog, so am signin off. i know the post was no good. good posts require a bit of thinking, some planning, at least for a minute. i don't feel lik thinking, don't feel lik plannin. so tat's it.

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Anonymous said...

it is all about keeping it real =]